Our job as marketers are to understand
how the customer wants to buy and help them to do.

“Don't sell the product or a service,
but sell its benefits”.

Spot the customer, pick out its segments, identify the needs of customers and then decide the pricing strategy. Hence we can say that marketing is a process constituting a series of activities which helps in connecting a product to its customers.

Don't be afraid to get creative and
experiment with your marketing

Support the Customer

Finding the right customer for a product is very important before going for any marketing activity.

Examining the needs

“I need this for that”. This is what DevelopTech digs out and prioritize the needs of the patron.

Customer Segments

A product is having different advantages for different segments of customers. DevelopTech examines and differentiates those points and target the customers accordingly.

Pricing Strategy

Price is what a customer is most concerned about. DevelopTech always proceeds with a strong strategy to evaluate the product for its price according to the targeted customer base.

USP or Unique Selling Point is what makes the targeted user to buy the product. One should present the product in the form of a requirement before the target.

“YES, YOU ARE RIGHT.” This should be the response when you show your app to the end-user. DevelopTech helps you make the user reach this acknowledgment. We help you to market the product effectively, not just by advertising, but by letting you know each and every face of the USP.

“Locate, understand and market.” Just keep this in mind and you can hit the bull’s eye. Approach towards USP: only unearthing the USPs doesn’t mean that you have find out a way to market your app. But the way USP is demonstrated is more important.

Represent the app as a “benefit” and you will crack the market. DevelopTech implements the result-oriented marketing strategies to your app along with systematic approach to implement the USP, so that your application becomes an unavoidable need.

The approach DT Follows

  • Thorough research
  • Ceaseless consistency
  • Tell the customers what’s in for them
  • Stay connected
  • Choose your Channels wisely


    DevelopTech can help you develop strategies for building the apt content for the branding of your product.

    App Store Optimization

    App Store optimization is also necessary to bring your app easily accessible among more than 1M other apps on the store. We can get your app in the top results.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Not every individual searches for the app on app store, some aren't aware of your product and it will be- searched on search engines. We also take this into account and do what is necessary.

    Promotional stuff

    DevelopTech develops such effective stuff for the promoting your app. The material developed always depends on the target customers and the market.

    Public Relations

    Media and public relations are very effective for marketing. If you want to drive the organic downloads and create a lightning buzz in the market, we are here.

    Social Media

    We are on each and every social media platform and have a strong presence. DevelopTech can make you engage with your target on the platform accordingly.

    Maximize your app's audience and always keep yourself busy in user acquisition. If you have no plan for user acquisition, you are missing a very important process that will help your app to stay in the market for long. At DevelopTech, we map out the strategies and plan for best user acquisition models and techniques so that you never loose any of your user.

    From social media pages to video teasers for your app, we can do it all. DevelopTech is all studded with marketing team which is capable of bringing your app right to the top. We know how to showcase your app features in the form of screenshots and “Launching soon” landing page to get early hits and sign-ups. Our designers are the rock stars who can develop and build everything you need.

    Good marketing makes the company look smart
    Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.

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