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Every Great invention is great because of either of these two things, the first one being the “Need” and the other one is “Addiction” . We at developtech build technologies that fuses the urge of need into the desperateness of addiction. We summon these two pillars of success to create a single roof that is everything in itself.

Dedicated Team

History has been the witness that whenever a player in a team play self-game, the whole team suffers.

Similarly in business, doing jobs that you don’t master will affect your business. So better let the masters handle it. Have a glance of our prestigious team.

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Gain deep customer empathy

Understand customers better than they understand themselves

Go broad to go narrow

Generate lots of solutions before winnowing the list

Experiment rapidly with customers

Seek feedback early and often

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Wavenote is a social networking application that allows users to create profiles, share messages and interact with the rest of the world, via voice notes or waves.
In short it is a vocal-social networking app, with which one can easily connect with their friends and followers and know what is happening around them,
without even looking at the screen or holding their phone. Just play the updates like a playlist and enjoy the moment.

Client Review

We are in love with your services, Develop Tech assist us to take our ideas to next level. Your patience, creativity and intuition have been a pleasure to work with. We are so grateful to your informative guidance and responsiveness as well as your humor throughout the entire process. Ultimately, it was a great experience; we look forward to work with you again.

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Engineers career group (ECG) is renowned gate and IES preparation institute situated in Chandigarh since 2009.

ECG believes in spreading awareness to gate and IES aspirants

Through the application will provide aspirants to know about job opportunities, download previous year question papers and its answer keys, register for online test series, avail scholarships and get notifications on the go.

Application will keep ECG and its student stay connected.

Client Review

" We just want to say a BIG “THANK YOU” to DT’s management for providing us a great application named “ECG” and a credit for their great client services & satisfaction. Because of their creative ideas we decided to go ahead for its development. Develop Tech takes time to understand customer and makes a true effort to provide the assistance one needs. We surely recommend your services."

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HomaVo offers eBay Tracking and Audit solution to eBay sellers and Buyers.

All eBay tools are designed to help you sell smarter.

HomaVo feedback engine allows sending feedback automatically.

HomaVo Tracking lets you track eBay packages automatically.

Client Review

Working with Develop Tech has been a very positive experience. The developer they assigned to us was very intelligent. He had a lot of practical knowledge and sense of design. We are extremely satisfied with the application and we hope to work with DT for future projects.

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