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April 25, 2018

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February 19, 2018

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December 23, 2017

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February 19, 2015

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15 Ecommerce Marketing Tips You Need To Know To Draw People's Attention

February 19, 2015

Once you are done with your online store setup the next thought comes to your mind is “How to do your business marketing?”

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February 19, 2015

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UX Principles

February 19, 2015

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15 Ecommerce Marketing Tips You Need To Know To Draw People's Attention

15 Ecommerce Marketing Tips You Need To Know To Draw People's Attention

Once you are done with your online store setup the next thought comes to your mind is “How to do your business marketing?”

Think marketing as –‘The Heart of your business ‘.Every entrepreneur wants to increase traffic to his store and make his online presence to expand business. To become an expert in your market you need to understand marketing strategies.

Here are some marketing tips that can help you to achieve your goal as “goal without plan is just a wish”. To accomplish your goal follow these tips and enjoy your success.

1) Content Marketing Strategy - Create, Distributes and Shares your content

Before starting you need to make a content marketing strategy in order to create, distribute and publish your content to your target audience. Content marketing can be used to market any type of business to attract new customers and drive profitable customer behaviour.

You need to focus on ways to engage an audience using content marketing program like social media networks, videos, blogs, newsletters etc.

Make sure to keep track on your content and keep checking your strategy to evaluate how everything is going.

2) Email Newsletter - Remind your customers about you

Email is the best and effective method to keep your customer coming back and convincing them to buy more. Emails keep your customers up to date with your products, promotions and sales and they will appreciate new messages sent to their personal emails.

Always ask customers to subscribe to your newsletter, it will help you to build your own subscriber list. Never add them in your subscriber list without permission, they might not like it and report email as spam.

Best way to build unique relationship with your customer is by sharing regular emails containing helpful information.

3) Diversifying your social media platforms - Reach customers and achieve better results

Now a day’s one can’t even think of their business without a social media presence, everyone knows its growing importance. It is the easiest method for customers to reach and connect with you. You never know which platform will be huge boon to your business. On other side some platform will not meet your expectations. Diversifying and cutting down the platforms that doesn’t work well for you is the best solution.

Every social media platform has its own working ways and draws a different type of audience. You should make an effort to create Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus pages, Instagram, Pinterest and at least one forum that works for your ideal customer keeping in mind that this is not just for self-promotion but a way to engage users and build brand trust. Share your content through these platforms and analyse which one work best for you. Even if one is more productive than another don’t forget to post on others as your presence will give your customers a way to connect with you.

“Choose the right social media platforms to reflect both what your business is about and what your customers are expecting”.

4) Create and use original content - Make your own unique and original content

While writing your content first you should think about your audience who is going to read this content. To build trust among audience and grab their attention to buy more form your store you should always write original content.

Write something that is not offered in other blogs, articles and websites to engage your audience to read more from you. As only original content will help them to know more and real things about your market.

Original content also gives a boost to search engine ranking and it goes a long way. Be original and safe by never copying other people’s content.

5) Internet marketing - Keep your website up to date

Website monitoring is very crucial no matter how strong your website is, you need to keep it from going out of date. Check whether your site is out of date or has incorrect data, broken links or any other irrelevant information that can confuse customers and creates a bad impression. Regular updating your website encourages visitors to come back and trust you.

6) Mobile optimization -Welcome mobile friendly environment

These days people are spending more and more time on their smart phones and tablets to search a product and make a purchase. Mobile usage has rapidly increased so, it is important to make your website mobile responsive.

Mobile Optimization

It is now extremely important that your website should be mobile friendly to make your customers comfortable to browse information easily and have better experience with the device they are using.

7) Invest in Mobile advertising – Reach mobile phone users at right time

Mobile advertising is a powerful way to get your messages straight into customer’s hands as it combines geo-location and mobile ready ads to connect customers directly to your store. For advertisement you can use simple text ads via SMS, downloaded apps or banner advertisements.

Invest in Mobile Advertising

8) Upselling is good - Helps you to grow

Best Upselling Techniques

To make your sale more profitable you need to up sell your product. But just keep in mind that up sell should always provide your customers with the most relevant product offers. Customer happiness is key to build stronger relationships with them, so make sure your customer feel happy and satisfied with upselling.

9) Face for your company -Branding your business

Branding Your Business

In today’s world personal branding is growing in popularity. Having a ‘face of your company’ is important or you can say essential as people want to do business with companies they are familiar with. You can yourself be the face of your company or hire someone from outside, or he/she can be your employee. But before hiring ensures that you have selected the right person who knows your company values and goals because branding your business with people is to gain their trust and stay connected with them.

10) Translate your online store into number of languages -Make purchase easy

To work globally and making your store a global market, make sure that your website content can be translated into customer’s native language.

To reach customers easily and make it easier for them to shop from your store, it is necessary to translate your content into their preferred language.

As you have a one default language active on your site but not necessarily everyone understands it and not everyone going to be comfortable buying from you in that language. So use translator in your website to make your store accessible to all these customers.

11) Optimize your website for Search engines - Improve your ranking and get more traffic

To improve usability of your website and want to take your business to next level you need to be on the top in search engines results page. Obtaining high ranking means your visibility is increasing and driving more traffic to your website.

Web Traffic

For successful SEO campaign choose the right keywords to optimize web pages. Focus on the relevant keywords most likely to be used by customers when they search the web.

12) Interact with your customers -Monitor how happy your customers are

To improve overall customer experience you need to interact with them. Customer satisfaction helps you to know whether your services meet their expectations or not.

Customer feedback is very important to know their opinion about your service or product. Live chat support, feedback forms; email surveys are some channels through which you can get quality customers feedback.

Always stay active to solve your customer problems and response to their questions. Notify them of policy changes, upcoming promotions and any new information they needed. Make them feel you always care; happy customers are the lifeblood of business.

13) Automate your social media - Save your time

Sharing right content at the right time is essential for growing your accounts.

Automate Your Social Media

Automation of social media gives ability to stay consistent and become more productive. Not everything needs automation but don’t forget to automate right content that needs automation like your posts. You can schedule your post for the next day, week or month to save time.

14) Keep check on Cart abandonment -Remind customers about what they have left behind

Shopping cart abandonment is common for online retailers as online buyers placed items in a virtual shopping cart and leaves before purchasing it.

Online stores should have to take number of preventative measures to reduce cart abandonment. You can send abandoned cart emails as a reminder to customers who failed to checkout after adding items to their cart. Different recovery tools can be used to prevent shopping cart abandonment.

15) Awareness of current industry news - Stay up to date with latest trend

Staying up to date with industry news and trends will help you to predict potential threats and opportunities and also help you to observe your customers and understand where your company fits in the industry landscape.

It is more important for marketers to know the latest trend and news to keep their marketing strategy up to date and know how exactly it will affect your business.

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