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Why do SME fail to leave a mark inspite of an Engaging Website?

Why do SME fail to leave a mark inspite of an Engaging Website?

With over 40% population of the world using the internet and over a billion websites, people have evolved and got hooked to the online business. A survey shows that approx. 1,40,000 websites are launched globally on a daily basis but how many of them actually achieve even half of the traffic they target to? Let me explain you the scenario through a simple example and explain where these SMEs lag. Consider launching a website as opening a car garage. What if we open that car garage on the 4th floor and expect the cars to reach to that floor if in need. You must be wondering how does this scenario relate to that of a website. It is obvious how a good a garage may it be but it will have to come to the ground level or take those cars to where the garage was initially opened. On a similar grounds the SME needs to build that path to reach the target audience. Let’s have a little brief about how can we create that link and be on top of the business.

1) Right keywords
Choosing and optimizing the relevant keywords related to the your industry is the key to success. It is even of more importance to have to those keywords in your URL, title and in the starting 100 words of your description.

2) All Layman knows about is Google
If anyone requires your services first thing a layman would do is ask Google for it, So get your business registered on Google maps and places. Only if it is registered would it make you look professional. Even find the directories where you want your business to rank for and make sure your business is listed in those directories.

3)Register your local number on Google
People feel more comfortable with brands that they can put a face behind. Even though they might purchase a product exclusively online, having a phone number on your site and the accessibility to talk to a real person in turn makes them feel more comfortable taking out their wallet.

4)Customer reviews
You may be skeptical how influential are customer reviews. Does anybody even go through them. Study shows that more than 80% of the people consulted reviews either “occasionally” or “regularly”. You need to have at least ten reviews for the people to trust you. So go get your reviews fixed.

5)Error from developer end
It is pretty evident that usage of internet on mobile has surpassed desktop by a long margin. So get your website mobile friendly with NAP citations. Lastly use special tags to define individual properties so that it helps Google to display data in search result.
Sharing the link of one of the Indian restaurant in Australia which added the above mentioned elements in their business model to get remarkable results.

Stay tuned for the next blog to explore other influencing factors like Impact of Social Media presence and Pay per Click (PPC) to go big with your business.

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