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Project Management

Manage the project efficiently, get the desired results; deliver them and that’s all done. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. The most important part of any process is managing each and every sub-process. Adopting and implementing the latest and top management strategies is what DT does.

Daily Stand ups and Updation

It is very common but a wrong practice of delivering the product as a whole without involving the client in its development. Sometimes it becomes a nasty blow to both ends as the developed product doesn’t come out what it was supposed to be. Following the Agile approach, we provide daily stand ups to the client and only finalize it after it gets approved.


Agile Management provides with a very necessary and powerful feature of transparency. Keeping it very simple, you don’t have to document and send everything to your client. The client has full access to agile and can track each and everything helping him to give the freedom to share his ideas at any point of development.

Stakeholder’s friend

Yes, you can’t neglect stakeholders. Can be a big mistake. How? Use Agile and provide each and every insight to stakeholders they want to know. Keeping them satisfied and updated about the project; it becomes easier for you to work efficiently.

Shorter Sprints

Sprint?? May be a new word for you, but not for us. Daily and periodic discussion with the client reduces the risk right from the requirements phase development of product. This is what sprint is and we greatly believe and rely on sprints.

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