People don’t use a Product because of the great design, Great Design helps them use the product.

Product Strategy

Roadmap planning, defining the features and prioritizing the work is what product strategy is all about. Envision the customers, set the goals and initiate efforts to achieve your goals.

Technical Feasibility

Got the project of carving out the way from a mountain? Use chisel and hammer. Really?? Please don’t do this and waste your time. Analyze and check out the feasibility of project with the resources you possess.

Competitor analysis

Competitors are one of the most important factors we consider during the development of a project. We devise strategies to beat your competitors and get an edge over them. Getting an edge is not enough but outsmarting them and creating dominance in the market is what we long for. DevelopTech’s analytics team is capable of analyzing your app’s competitor in every face whether it is in number of similar apps or their status in market. This is what makes us more lethal for your competitors and you become their “DADDY”.

Clear and Innovative Business Model

Clarity in business is your need and we know this. So, why not fulfill your need? That is why we are here. You are always welcome to clear any doubts regarding the progress in development. Getting the phoenix out from ashes is what we do. We embed our innovation in your idea so that it becomes a huge success not only for you, but also for us. DT’s is an amalgam of talented and creative youngsters and experienced intellects which powers our thinking and implementation.

Platform Decisions

This is what you don’t know and we decide and let you understand about the platforms on which your idea can be implemented at its best. An idea can’t get successful on each and every platform, so it is better we let you know whether it is going to be an app, a website and on what platform it should be developed.


Don’t hesitate. We have the answer. It is of utmost importance. “A sword can’t be used to sew the torn cloth. Only needle can do this.” Hence we analyze and decide the platform of your idea.

Cost of MVP

Here comes the main point. Money!! Just kidding. But business is business. DT is all clear with cost and quotation of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Scratching your head?? Don’t worry. MVP is what we deliver you first time and is studded with the basic functionality of your idea. A crystal clear and properly documented quotation is sent to the clients without any hidden costs.

Clear Launch Date

Time is money and respecting time is what develops a relation of trust and loyalty with our clients. DT has no “Plan B” for anything because we believe and we know we are capable of meeting any deadline. The project is assigned a clear launch date and is completed keeping that in mind.

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