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Challenges faced by Tech Startups

Challenges faced by Tech Startups

- Competition

- Rapid Growth - Expanding at this fast rate is a challenge for startups.

- Adding Talent - Another side effect of rapid expansion is the need to find and hire new talent. 

- Fast Paced Market - Technology moves at an incredible speed, and keeping up with the changes can be a challenge for startups.

"Hire the right set of people in your startup with the same passion."

- Need or Gap Fixing - To deliver a product or service that meets a critical need better than anyone else does.

- Investors & Valuation - Selecting the right investors and getting the right valuation are additional difficulties.

- Research - To feed its products and services in the right Target Audience.

  - Marketing - One of the biggest challenges that likely Tech startups face.

- Poor management team

- Partnership decisions

- Hiring - Talent is immature to opportunities that startups offer. Most don't understand that it takes great amount of time and investment for startups to train young talent.

- Cyber risks

- Not solving a real problem

Have an idea BEST than have it FIRST

Peer pressure is far more visible

  - Absence of mentor - Young entrepreneurs usually have unique ideas however they lack experience.

- Office space

- Fear - Because market is not that mature

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